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Todd Little : Movies used in the Presentations
       It's all about making ship happen.      

"Itís tough to make predictions, especially about the future."
                      - Yogi Berra

Movie Clips Used in Todd's Presentations
Star Wars Darth Vader - Management Review
Emperor - Executive Review
Death Star - Project Status
Death Star - Project Completion
Star Wars - Collaborative Agile Leadership
Darth Vader Employee Evaluation
Bulls Cows and Dogs Riding the Bull - Bring in the Clowns
Brooks law - what happens to the poor developer added to the late Bull project
Not all Dogs are the same
Bull Program, Dog Project
Release of Bull project
Don't mistreat your Cows - The Mootrix
Apollo13 Failure is not an option
Square peg in a round hole
The finest hour
Bad Air
House Lupus or Hepatitis
Cursed to be able to do the math
  Gordon the Guided Missile
  Glacial Software Development

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